Play Area Rules

A parent or suitable guardian must supervise children at all times.

No running outside the play area.

No food or drink to be taken into the play area.

When using the slide go down in a forward seated position feet first. Do not climb up the slide.

Any concerns please notify management.

All sessions are a maximum of 90 minutes during busy periods.

Lost Valley Rules

No more than 4 in a group on any hole.

6 stroke limit per hole.

Ball out of bounds or in trap is replaced at point of exit with one stroke penalty.

Ball against rail or obstacle may be moved one club head length.

Every player should take their first shot before any player takes a second shot. Ball nearest hole putts first.

Play each hole in turn. NO skipping holes.

Do not swing putter above knee.

Your ball is kept after finishing the 18th hole.

Please return your clubs to reception.

Lost Valley passes through the course over uneven terrain and may increase the risk of injury from a fall. Please pay attention and watch your step.

Jungle Express Rules

Children under 90cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Train timetable restrictions may apply.

Please stay in a seated position with your arms inside the carriage at all times.

Please keep the seat restraints in place at all times.

Please queue for the train in the area provided.


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